Arcadia Restaurant Capoterra

Restaurant Capoterra


Arcadia Restaurant in Capoterra in province of Cagliari is the perfect place to enjoy a quality cuisine. Our young and motivated staff leaves nothing to chance: local menù and good music make a perfct combination that never lets down our customers.

Our cuisine is essentially linked to the territory but what makes our dishes so tasty are excursions and revisions in the international field.

Every day we propose a lunch menù for 13 euros which includes first, second dish and side dish of your choice (water and service included).

For dinner instead a choice of à la carte: delicious appetizers, first and second satisfyng dishes and the mouthwatering desserts prepared by our chef.

In summer period it’s possibile to dine outdoors in our tables in the square.

Reservation is preferable at the following number: 3491324789.


Tasting of regional and national cured meats and cheese with fig and orange jam, honey, civraxiu grilled bread with lardo di colonnata, croutons with calabrian 'nudja
Pacchero with mousse of turnip and stracciatella cheese
Fake redfish cheesecake and purple potatoes
Croaker's fillet with potatoes, saffron and sage
Scottona's fillet cooked at low temperature with spices wild berries and cannonau's sauce
Molten lava cake